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Friday, 20 August 2010

Arden-inspired Colours

Several products created by Elizabeth Arden have colourful names:

- Blue Grass:
the flowery scent of this perfume reminded Elizabeth of the prairies of Kentucky and horse stables there, that is why the image of a blue horse illustrates the package of the product.

- Green Tea:
this fragrance, which energizes the body, has Asiatic overtones.

- Montezuma Red:
a lipstick for the women in the armed forces to match the red on their uniforms.

- Red Door:
named after the Arden day spas which are called "Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons".

- White Diamonds: perfume worn by Elizabeth Taylor.

* Mini-dictionary:

flowery: floral

scent: fragancia
remind: hacer acordar
prairie: pradera
stable: establo
package: paquete
Asiatic overtones: tonos asiáticos
match: combinar; hace juego con

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