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Friday, 20 August 2010

Different Types of Smells

There are different names for different types of smells in English. Some smells are pleasant and others are not.

a pleasant characteristic smell of a plant, spice (especia) or food.

the aroma of garlic (ajo) and bacon
the aroma of carefully selected tobacco

Fragrance: a pleasant smell
the fragrance of lilacs

a pleasant smell

She loved French perfumes.

Odour: it can be pleasant
the odour of roses
or unpleasant
body odour: olor a transpiración

a pleasant smell

the scent of fresh flowers
or a small left by a person or animal
hounds (sabuesos) smelling the scent of the prey (presa)

Stench: a strnong and offensive smell
the stench of stale (estancadas) waters

Stink: a strong unplesant smell
the stink of garbage (basura)
stink bomb: bombita de mal olor

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