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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Why is Bella called Swan?

Swan is the surname given to the character of Bella in the Twilight Series. Why is Bella's surname Swan? According to vampiric terminology, there are two types of swans: black swans and white swans.
* Black Swan:
A non-Vampire lover or friend, favourably inclined towards Vampires. They may or may not frequent vampire nightclubs and usually understand the vampire lifestyle.
* White Swan:
Someone who cannot tolerate the Vampire lifestyle. In general, White Swans are still a part of the Gothic scene, which often brings them into contact with the vampire community despite their disgust of vampirism.  

Did you know?

The kind of font (type of letter) Bella uses in her handwriting is called Pablo. Edward Cullen, instead, uses a font called Carmilla.
Carmilla is also the title of a Gothic novel written by Sheridan Le Fanu.  

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