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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Oh, yes!: Vampires Suck!

Vampires Suck is a 2010 parody film based on the Twilight Series.
Though Vampires Suck was seen by a large audience, it gained strong negative reviews in the United Sates.
The plot (= argumento) of the film is the following: Becca Crane moves to Sporks to live with her  father, Sheriff Frank, after her mother starts an affair with Tiger Woods. Meanwhile people have been killed and the number one suspects are the Kardashians. Becca quickly makes new friends at her new high school, but she is intrigued by the mysterious Edward Sullen, who perplexes her during their time in the biology class.  After reaching the wrong conclusion that Edward is a Jonas Brother, Edward corrects her saying he's a vampire, though he only consumes animal blood.
The pair fall in love. When Edward introduces Becca to his vampire family on her birthday, Becca accidentally gets hurt. On seeing her blood, Edward's family attempts to kill her. Realizing the danger that he and his family respresent for Becca, Edward decides to save Becca from  these nomadic vampires who have been killing humans.

There are interesting points related to the movie which are connected with language. To begin with, the title Vampires Suck is a pun (= juego de palabras). To suck in English means "to draw liquid (in the case of vampires, blood) into the mouth" and also "to be disgusting". The names of the protagonists are also punny. Edward Sullen is a pun on Edward Cullen and Becca Crane is a pun on Bella Swan. Sullen is an adjective which means "angry and silent, especially because you feel life has been unfair to you" (= hosco, huraƱo) and crane is a water bird with very long legs, similar to the swan (= cisne).

* Watch the movie:

Vampires Suck Movie Trailer (Subtitulado)

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