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Thursday, 28 October 2010

The empress behind the cake

Sachertorte is a chocolate cake, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Metternich in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties. The Original Sachertorte is only made in Vienna and Salzburg, and is shipped from both locations.
The real history of the Sacher Torte begins in 1832 when Prince Metternich told his personal chef to create a special dessert for several important guests. As the head chef was ill, the task fell to the sixteen-year-old Franz Sacher, who was an apprentice in Metternich's kitchen. The cake consists of two layers of chocolate sponge cake with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. It is traditionally served with whipped cream without any sugar in it.

Prince Metternich was one of the most important diplomats of his era. Through the mediation of Metternich, Napoleon married Maria Louise, daughter of the Emperor Frances of Austria. Marie Louise was also a granddaughter of Leopold II, who was Marie Antoinette's brother. Napoleon had obtained a divorce from his first wife  Josephine because she was too old to have children.
Marie Louise became Empress of the French after she married Napoleon.  In 1821, four months after Napoleon's death, Marie Louise married her lover, Count Adam Albert von Neipperg.

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