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Sunday, 7 November 2010

The many meanings of candy

Candy apple: an apple that is covered with caramelized sugar. In Spanish, manzana acaramelada
Candy bar: a bar covered with chocolate and filled with a variety of different sweets:
What's your favourite candy bar?

Candy cane: a stick of hard red and white sugar with a curved end.

Chewy candy: a soft candy, usually with a fruity flavour. In Spanish, caramelo masticable.

Stick candy: a long cylindrical hard candy. They are also called barber pole because they usually have at least two different colours  in a spiral pattern, resembling a barber's pole. In Spanish, palitos masticables o palitos de la selva.

Candy-inspired Cloth

Candy-striped cloth is material having narrow coloured lines on a white background:
a candy-striped blouse

Candy striper: a nickname given to a hospital volunteer. This name comes from the red-and-white striped jumpers that female volunteers traditionally wore in the United States, which looked like stick candy. The name and uniform are used less frequently now.

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