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Saturday, 24 August 2013

All About Bacon

Bacon is a type of meat that comes from pigs. It is taken from the sides, back, or belly of the pig. It is often cut in thin slices, unlike other cured or smoked pork products. It is usually fried or grilled. It can also be microwaved. 
Canada has its own version of bacon called Canadian bacon.
Bacon contains high amounts of fat. Since bacon contains pork, eating it may be against the beliefs of certain 
religions. In some cultures, such as the Muslim, eating pork may be considered "unclean". Because of this, other varieties of bacon are also made out of turkey or chicken instead. Turkey bacon and chicken bacon usually contain half of the fat of pork based bacon.
Bacon and eggs, cooked together in fat, is thought of as being the typical English breakfast.
Bring home the bacon means to attain success or reach a desired goal. It also means to supply means of subsistence; earn a living:
He provides for his large family by working three jobs.
Women nowadays not only take care of the household but also bring home the bacon.
Save one's bacon (also save one's neck or skin) means to rescue one from a difficult situation or harm:
I was having a hard time changing the flat tire but along came Bud, who saved my bacon.

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