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Friday, 23 August 2013

All About Cats

* English-Spanish Glossary: Types of Cats 

Angora cat: gato de angora
clowder: conjunto de gatos
kitten: gatito
marmalade cat: gato con pelaje naranja
Persian cat: gato persa
pussy cat: gatito (término cariñoso)
Siamese cat: gato siamés
silver cat: gato con el pelaje gris
tabby cat: gato atigrado 
tom cat: gato macho
tuxedo cat: gato blanco y negro

* Idioms with the word "cat"

a bag of cats: Irish informal a bad-tempered person she's a real bag of cats this morning 
fight like Kilkenny cats: to fight until both parties are destroyed 
let the cat out of the bag: to disclose a secret, often by mistake 
like a cat on a hot tin roof or on hot bricks: in an uneasy or agitated state 
like cat and dog: quarrelling savagely 
look like something the cat brought in: to appear dishevelled or bedraggled 
not a cat in hell's chance: no chance at all 
not have room to swing a cat: to have very little space 
play cat and mouse: to play with a person or animal in a cruel or teasing way, esp before a final act of cruelty or unkindness 
put, set, etc., the cat among the pigeons: to introduce some violently disturbing new element 
rain cats and dogs: to rain very heavily 

* More Expressions in English related to cats 

- There's more than one way to skin a cat: there are more ways or methods of getting something done. This phrase, often changed, is usually used to suggest that there is a different, possibly illegal, way of doing something when the usual method is not possible. 
- The adjective skittish is used to refer to a cat and it means easily excited and made afraid.

* Fun Facts: Do Cats Have Nine Lives?

Surprisingly, some people still believe in this superstition. But where does this misconception trace its roots? And why do people still say that cats have nine lives when it is clearly biologically impossible?
Well, cats can survive a fall from high-rise buildings with minimal or no injuries. Cats can survive accidents that would have killed humans. And cats can survive on eating food that is not suited for humans. So, is it true that cats really have nine lives? No. It is just a saying with no grain of truth on it. The fact that cats have a higher chance of survival compared to humans have nothing to do with lives, it has everything to do with their bodies’ design.
Cats are able to survive from falls because it has four paws, have the ability to bend their legs, and have a good sense of balance. When cats fall from a building, they can still land on their feet because even if they fall upside down, they can easily reposition themselves on air to ensure that they will land on four paws. Cats also have the ability to cushion the intensity of their landing. Their bones will not easily break because the force of the impact is distributed to the muscles and joints.
It is surprising to note that unlike humans, cats actually have a greater chance of survival if they fall from a higher place. There are data available from New York veterinarians who observed that more cats will die from a fall of 2-6 stories compared to those who fall from 7-32 stories. Laws of physics suggest that the rates will vary.
Regardless of their mass, all falling objects accelerate by 22 miles per hour every send they fall. But once it reaches the “terminal velocity”, the object’s friction will allow the fall to slow down depending on the mass. The smaller the object and the bigger its area, the more it will slow down. So if a cat falls from a higher floor, it can spread its legs like an umbrella, this increases the area where air can push through. It slows down the cat’s fall and enables him to avoid fatal accidents.
It is clear that the belief that cats have nine lives has its basis. But continually believing this misconception will do nothing good. It will only make it appear ignorant and unaware of the cat’s innate design to survive otherwise fatal falls.

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