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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bread, Biscuits & Cakes

Types of Bread & related words

sliced bread: pan lactal
rye bread: pan de centeno
pitta bread / pita bread (Am. E); pan árabe
baguette/French bread: baguette
bagel: pan bagel
crouton: croton
bread roll: panecillo
breadstick (grissino): grisín 
hamburger bun: pan redondo para hamburguesa
hot dog bun: pan para panchos
loaf: hogaza de pan
crust: corteza de pan
croissant: medialuna
gingerbread: pan de jenjibre

Types of Biscuits & Individual Cakes

biscuit (Brit. E) / cookie (Am. E): galletita
cracker/ cream cracker: galletita de agua
digestive / chocolate digestive: galletita hecha con bicarbonato de sodio
ship biscuit / hard tack: galleta marinera
hot-cross bun: buñuelo que se come en Pascuas
shortbread: bizcocho de manteca
wafer: oblea
muffin: muffin
petit four: petit four
doughnut / ring doughnut: dona
jam doughnut (Brit. E) / jelly doughnut (Am. E) dona rellena
fairy cake (Brit. E) / cupcake (Am. E): masita fina
madeleine: magdalena
eclair: palo de Jacob

Types of Cakes & Related Words

sponge cake (Brit. E) / layer cake (Am. E): bizcochuelo
black forest cake: torta selva negra
icing sugar: azúcar impalpable
wedding cake: torta de bodas
zebra cake: torta marmolada
Swiss roll: arrollado
ready-mix: mezcla para preparar tortas
custard: crema pastelera
puff pastry: masa hojaldre
yeast: levadura
marzipan: mazapan
crystallized fruit / candied fruit: fruta abrillantada
icing: cobertura
whipped cream: crema batida
piping bag: boquilla para decorar
sprinkles / "jimmies": granas de colores
baking powder: polvo para hornear
baking soda: bicarbonato
food colouring: colorante para tortas
vanilla extract: extracto de vainilla

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