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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Eggs, Anyone?

Types of eggs

hard-bolied egg: huevo duro
soft-bolied egg: huevo pasado por agua
fried egg / sunny-side up egg: huevo frito
beaten egg: huevo batido
poached egg: huevo poché

Parts of Eggs

white of an egg: clara de huevo
yolk of an egg: yema de huevo
eggshell: cáscara de huevo

Egg-related terms:

bad egg: a person of dishonourable character
eggcup: a small container without a handle that holds a boiled egg so that it can be eaten.
egghead: a clever, highly educated person , esp. one who is impractical.
eggnog: a thick drink made of beaten eggs, milk, sugar, and nutmeg, often containing whiskey, rum, wine, etc.)
eggplant: Am. E. for aubergine (= a perennial plant with large, ovoid, usually purple-skinned fruits that are eaten 
as a vegetable)
egg roll: Am. E. for spring roll (= a Chinese food consisting of a thin case of egg pastry filled with bits of vegetable 
and often meat and usually cooked in oil).
egg timer: small two-part glass container with sand in it that runs from one part to the other in about three minutes, 
which is used for measuring the time when boiling eggs.
nest egg: an amount of money saved for special future use.
Scotch egg: a boiled egg cooked inside a covering of sausage meat.
overegg the pudding: to make something too complicated or elaborate by adding something that is not needed:
We sent her a birthday card and some flowers; to send champagne as well would just be overegging the pudding.

* Did you know?

An egg and spoon race is a race between people running while balancing an egg on a spoon. The winner is the first 
person to complete the distance without the egg falling off the spoon. Egg and spoon races are often held at children's 
school sports days.

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