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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Milk Products

adapted / modified milk: leche modificada (para bebés)

almond milk: leche de almendras

baby milk: leche maternizada

boiled milk: leche hervida

bottled milk: leche en botella

breast milk: leche materna

breast milk jaundice: ictericia por lactancia materna

chocolate milk: leche chocolatada

cleansing milk: cream desmaquillante

coconut milk: leche de coco

coffee with dash of milk: café con un chorro de leche

coffee with milk: café con leche

condensed milk: leche condensada

cow's milk: leche de vaca

cry over spilt milk: llorar sobre la leche derramada

cultured milk: leche cultivada

drop of milk: gota de leche

flavoured milk: leche saborizada

fortified milk: leche fortificada

full-cream milk: leche entera

goat milk: leche de cabra

low-fat milk: leche descremada

low lactose milk: leche deslactosada

malted milk: leche malteada

milk tooth: diente de leche

milky: lácteo; hecho con leche

Milky Way: Vía Láctea

pasteurized milk: leche pasteurizada

powdered milk: leche en polvo

scum of the milk: nata de leche

skimmed milk: leche descremada

sour milk: leche agria

soya milk: leche de soja

UHT milk (ultra-high-temperature milk): leche larga vida

* Did you know?

The expression witch's milk refers to a secretion of the mammary gland of the newborn of both sexes due to the presence of the hormone prolactin that travels from the blood of the mother into the fetus. It is also known as sorcerers' milk.

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