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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Special Vocabulary: Diseases

Though illness and disease are often used in the same way, illness is really a state, or length of time, of being unwell, which may be caused by a disease. It is diseases that can be caught and passed on if they are infectious, and are the subject of medical study:
Several children are away from school because of illness. 
a rare heart disease

* List of Diseases Spanish/English

difteria: diphtheria
gripe: flu
hepatitis A, B, C: hepatitis A, B, C
sarampión: measles
meningitis: meningitis
paperas: mumps
pertusis: pertussis, whooping cough
polio, parálisis infantil: polio
rubéola, sarampión alemán, “alfombrilla”: rubella, German measles
tétano: lockjaw
varicela: chickenpox
encefalitis: encephalitis
lepra: leprosy
botulismo: botulism
brucelosis: brucellosis
cólera: cholera
conjuntivitis: conjunctivitis
dengue: dengue
escabiosis, sarna, acariasis: scabies
fiebre amarilla: yellow fever
fiebre reumática: rheumatic fever
fiebre tifoidea: typhoid fever
malaria, paludismo: malaria
mononucleosis infecciosa: mononucleosis infectious
neumonía, pulmonía: pneumonia
peste: plague
psitacosis: psittacosis
rabia: rabies
síndrome urémico hemolítico: hemolytic uremic syndrome
toxoplasmosis: toxoplasmosis
triquinosis: trichinosis
viruela: smallpox

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